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Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, does not only boast of the Little Mermaid Statue, one of the most popular travel attractions in Denmark, but also of the different culinary adventures that travelers could sink their teeth in when visiting the city.

Where to Eat in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Scandinavian city of Copenhagen has always been acknowledged worldwide as a gastronome mecca, and the opening of 13 Michelin star restaurants in this capital is good evidence to the culinary heaven that waits in it.

Daily Mail UK Travel writer Priscilla Pollara samples the gastronomic offerings of Copenhagen, from high-class restaurants to affordable establishments, which present a wide selection of ethnic, Danish and international cuisine (“The Best Places to Eat in… Denmark’s Oh-So Cool Copenhagen”). Of course, she tries the traditional lunch dish, smørrebrød, which she describes as “dish with endless guises”.
Here’s a quick sampler from her article:
Don’t leave Copenhagen without trying a Frikadellesandwich, a Danish meatball burger filled with red cabbage and pickles, or on that note, a Fiskefillet, a Danish twist on a classic Fish and Chips consisting of a fillet of red sole, raw remoulade and a very decent amount of lemon. Find the first of these near Nyhavn at Munter, while the latter, at the upmarket Kødbyens Fiskebar within the Vesterbro district of the capital.
Check out the rest of her culinary experience in Copenhagen, and you surely won’t hesitate planning a trip to this part of Denmark!

So don’t forget to include Copenhagen City to your Denmark itinerary!

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