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As Brooke over at points out, there are several Different Types of Bag Locks for Travelers, each one with different utilities and features. 

Passengers are allowed to lock their baggage on flights departing from Canadian airports. While TSA locks are permitted, the screening officers at Canadian airports do not have a key to unlock them. According to the CATSA website,

"If checked baggage warrants further screening, CATSA applies the reconciliation rule, where possible. As such, when a checked baggage is required to be physically searched, screening officers will most likely not search it without the authorization of the passenger.

In no circumstances are screening officers authorized to break a lock. They will generally work with the air carrier to request the passenger witness the search. Please note that if unable to locate the passenger, an air carrier representative may decide to break the lock to allow the screening to proceed. CATSA notifications are always placed in passengers' checked baggage once a search is completed. All locks will be fine for traveling within Canada and internationally."

You have several options of locks to choose from. Many travelers purchase the cheap and easy little locks with keys, which are ideal for zips on a daypack or backpack. 

Otherwise, for luggage, you should pick up TSA approved combination or cable locks. 

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