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Watch the Geysers at Yellowstone National Park

Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is America’s first national park.  It is a national treasure and Wyoming’s pride, although some parts of the park extend to Idaho and Montana. For those who are not familiar with Yellowstone, you might be assuming that it is just an ordinary park filled with lush vegetation and forests. You are highly mistaken! It is filled with natural wonders that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

A  World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve site, Yellowstone is larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined, as it covers a total area of 2,219,789 acres. It contains more than 300 geysers, with the Old Faithful disgorging about 3,700 to 8,400 gallons of water into the air periodically. It features about 1,100 species of native plants and about 200 species of exotic plants. It is home to 67 species of mammals and 322 species of birds. It has about 290 waterfalls, and its lake is the largest high altitude lake in the United States. It is no wonder that 3 million people visit the park annually.

The park’s top attractions are the Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone Lake, West Thumb Geyser Basin, Lower Geyser Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs, Hayden Valley, Lamar Valley, Tower Fall, Norris Geyser Basin and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Activities you can enjoy include ziplining, fly fishing, rafting, river tubing, zip ‘n dip, horseback riding, hiking, skill courses, camping and overnight trips.

Yellowstone is best appreciated if you spend at least three days enjoying the park. Book a trip to Yellowstone National Park and make sure to bring the entire family too!


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