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Tired of your laptop’s unendurable weight? Then you definitely need an ultrabook.


More weightless and compact than your usual laptop, an ultrabook is a high-tech creation of the American multinational company Intel.

Travelers who can’t leave their laptop behind when on the road or those who work online while traveling would absolutely find the unquestionable advantages of this type of subnotebook.

Aside from its 1.5 kg of weight and less than 2.1 cm of thickness, you’d also appreciate how its battery life and performance aren’t totally compromised by its overall size.

Learn more about the features of this nice corporate gadget in JD Andrews’ video, in which he shares,

If you're a windows user and want a very sleek looking, lightweight computer that's easy to travel with and packed with all the best goodies, you need to check out the Intel-Inspired Asus UX31 Ultrabook™.

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