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Taking a trip to Chile is like visiting another world, with its canals, inlets and most especially the incredible fjords; you'll find yourself welcomed by a completely different side of the planet!

Driving down the southern part of Chile will further introduce you to numerous isles, puzzling peninsulas and a maze of coves, channels and fjords. The southern coast particularly lets you take witness of the utter beauty of Western Patagonia, most especially with the ice caps and fjords of Chilean Antarctica, Magallanes and Aysen.

See for yourself the many fjord like inlets and actual fjords in this video created by Hemmings House. The creator of the clip shares,

This Video blog is a little glimpse into a shoot we did recently for Cooke Aquaculture's salmon growing operation in southern Chile; specifically in the Cupquelán fjord. The fjord is extremely remote and one of the best places in the world to grow salmon.

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