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Batteries are still a necessity, and it is a must-have travel doohickey especially if your gadgets are powered by good old lithium batteries.

The Usual Lithium Battery



Wireless console controllers and computer peripherals may have been dominating the market right now, but no one can deny the fact that batteries are still of utmost importance to some of the travel gadgets that you are bringing. 
So whether you’re using such batteries for your camera or PSP, you’d realize that plain batteries are still greatly needed. 
USB batteries, in particular, are externally identical to your usual lithium batteries, but the main difference between them is that USB batteries can be charged wirelessly and via a USB connector.
Almost all travelers, whether traveling on a business trip or on a holiday vacation, bring their laptops with them. Hence, charging USB batteries won’t be much of a problem. Instead of bringing extra batteries or finding outlets to charge lithium batteries, you could simply opt for USB batteries and plug these into your laptop’s USB portal. 
So even if you’re lazing on the beach and your camera got low-bat, you don’t need to go back to your hotel room just to get a charger. You could simply do so just by plugging the USB batteries into your laptop. 
Or if you’re on a plane, and you need to charge your MP3 player, you could just turn on your netbook and charge your USB battery. This is just way more handy than putting all that effort in finding a decent outlet!

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