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Want to get through airport security faster? Then check out these Rules for Airport Security. Navigate the airport checkpoints easier by: taking your laptop out, packing liquids properly, removing jackets & shoes and walking through the body scanners.

Understand Airline Security Procedures & Rules for Airport Security

Tips to help you get through faster at airport security checkpoints:


  • Take your laptop out of its bag and put it in a separate bin.

TSA agents examine laptops for explosives that could be hidden within the body of the device. They can do this more quickly and easily if the laptop is already isolated in the bin. You may also purchase a TSA-approved bag that offers a clear image of the computer in an X-ray machine, so you don’t have to take it out each time.


  • Limit liquids, gels and aerosols to 3 ounces or less and place them all in a clear, one-quart zip-top bag.

Keeping your liquids together in a plastic bag makes the screening process quicker and more efficient, as TSA and bomb specialists determine it is unlikely for a terrorist to assemble and ignite an explosive device from several small containers and no matches.


  • Remove your hats, shoes, belts and jackets.

After Richard Colvin Reid—the “Shoe Bomber”—tried detonated an explosive hidden in his shoes in a commercial airliner in 2001, TSA began screening loose items separately. By removing these items, they can easily check for any other prohibited metals that might be on your person.


  • Walk through the body scanners.

Body scanners take just 2-3 seconds to see whether or not you are carrying illegal substances on your person, compared to a 3-5 minute pat down. Opt to go through the body scanner, and you will be through much quicker.


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