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A vibrant, historic walled city.

Undergoing a renaissance, Londonderry/Derry

Norther Ireland's second city comes as a pleasant surprise to many visitors.

 Derry may not be the prettiest of cities, and it certainly lags behind Belfast in terms of investment and redevelopment, but it has a great riverside setting, several fascinating historical sights and a determined air of can-do optimism that has made it the powerhouse of the North’s cultural revival.

Londonderry/Derry is the UK City of Culture 2013, which means this vibrant, historic walled city is undergoing a renaissance. The year will see a wealth of cultural events, including the 10-day All Ireland Fleadh, the world’s biggest Irish festival and it also plays host to the always-controversial Turner Prize. The city will buzz throughout the year with hundreds of other events, from pageants to music to contemporary dance. Derry also hosts lots of regular festivals, such as the Jazz Festival and Earhart Festival (in 2013 celebrating 80 years since American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart landed here), celebrations for which will all be cranked up a notch.

In preparation for Derry’s year in the limelight as UK City of Culture 2013, the city centre was given a makeover and an elegant new footbridge – the Peace Bridge – was built across the River Foyle. Confirmed events include the hosting of the Turner Prize in 2013 and the world’s biggest Irish festival.

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