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Experiencing romance, culture and beyond in Ibiza, Spain.

Traveller Tip: What to Do in Ibiza

Amor a primer vista.  This is what you will surely feel then you set foot on Ibiza, Spain.  Love at first sight, when translated to English, certainly, you will fall in love with this island.

The rich hues of blue for the horizon, green for the trees, the whiteness of the sand, red for the blushing smiles of the people, shades of orange for the sunset, and the red lights of the nightlife, would greet you when you arrive on the island - instantly mesmerizing.  From this first encounter, surely it would be an unforgettable vacation.  

There is much to do in Ibiza – from exploring the beaches and getting a tan, to grooving to and enjoying the beat of eclectic music, taking the retail therapy route, fishing off good meals of famous Spanish cuisine, to trekking through UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The first day would be ideally a party night.  After your palate gets a taste of the Spanish Paella, you can troop to local bars.  The music and the drinks, would get you burning the night.  

The following day should be ideal beach day. A massage by the bay would make all your worries go away.

Furthermore, find a day for a local tour so that you’ll be exposed to the local culture on the island, get some retail therapy, and appreciate Ibiza as a traveller.  Pick some unique and exotic jewellery pieces, hand-made footwear as well as rare finds of colourful tops and shirts.  Go visit world-famous churches, local museums and outstanding landmark monuments.  

Lastly, awaken the nature lover in you by diving into the turquoise waters and participate in parasailing and trekking activities on the island.  

It would be hard to bid Ibiza farewell.  On the whole, there is indeed so much to do in Ibiza, Spain.


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