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America has always been known to offer a fusion of culinary experiences from the various cultures that make it up, and its cuisine sure includes mouthwatering seafood that any traveler would want to visit the country for.

The 3 Best Seafood Destinations in the US


From lobsters, fish and shrimps to shellfish and squids, seafood in the US is just as fresh and delicious as any island countries in the world.

Learn more about the three best seafood destinations in America, and see how they would surely influence your choice of holiday destination when visiting the country.
1. San Diego, California
Aside from taking leisure walks on miles and miles of gorgeous beaches in San Diego, this is also a perfect place to feast on seafood gastronomy. You could check out a modest California restaurant, called El Indio, which is family-run business that serves heavenly fish tacos, addictively good white fish and really good corn tortillas.
2. Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
Maryland’s eastern shore attracts countless travelers every summer not only because of its beaches but also because of the many seafood restaurants that line up the shorelines of Chesapeake Bay. Locals and travelers could consume only the freshest cuisine, which is generally centered on hearty servings of the bay’s finest crabs. Visit Waterman’s Crab House, and sample its blissfully delicious fried and broiled crab cakes!
3. Charleston, South Carolina
Lastly, you could find one of the best seafood destinations in the US in the coastal communities in South Carolina, most of which don’t only offer stunning houses and a laidback lifestyle but also yummy shrimps caught fresh from the Atlantic Ocean. Try the best seafood restaurant in Charleston in the name of Hank’s Seafood Restaurant, and sink your teeth in your favorite shrimps and grits that are mixed with stewed Andouille sausage, white wine, garlic and tomatoes. 
Indeed, the US presents one of the best culinary adventures in the world, and it also takes pride in seafood gastronomic experiences like no other!

So start planning your next food trip today!

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