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Want to hike the “Path of the Glacier?” Then check out the Mount Edith Cavell Glacier Hiking Adventure. On this trip visitors will explore glacier formations, icebergs, waterfalls and the emerald green Lake of Forgiveness.

Take a Mount Edith Cavell Glacier Hiking Trip
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Enjoy a hiking adventure on the Mount Edith Cavell Glacier Hiking Trip in Jasper, Canada and admire the spectacular glacier formations. A true hiking experience with about 3.5 hours of hiking across 1.6 Km, you will climb and descend the 170 foot slope - this adventure takes stamina!

During the hike, you will discover the natural beauty of the majestic Mount Edith Cavell and explore the infamous Jasper National Park. With a professional and informative guide, you will learn the history of the area and see the amazing sights often missed by tourists.

There are a variety of slopes you can take, depending on how difficult a climb you intend to do, but you should check with your doctor before planning the hike.



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