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The restaurants in Sydney beat eateries in the rest of the world hands down.

Sydney's Best Beachfront Eateries

Whether you are getting into Sydney through Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport or the main port, Port Botany; you have to admit that Australia's largest city is really beautiful. Couple this with the fact that Sydney regularly ranks on top of the world's Human Development Index and you will know why the city residents, the Sydneysiders, are a proud lot. The restaurants in Sydney beat eateries in the rest of the world hands down. Check out the list of its top 5 beach front restaurants below.

1. Catalina

Located on Sydney's Rose Bay, this restaurant is nothing short of amazing. Guests get unobstructed view of the harbor as well as dine on the best seafood in the country. This is the one place that you can find the well-heeled Sydneysiders avidly watching the sea planes taking off and landing as well as having animated conversations.

2. Pearls on the Beach

This restaurant is set a few meters from the sand in Sydney's Broken Bay. You can almost smell the sea water and feel the Pearl Beach sand on your toes while seated in the restaurant. It serves some of the most exotic wines and cuisines in Sydney.

3. Pavilion Beach Front

With cocktails such as Vanilla Espresso Martini, Sour Apple Martini, Peach Caipiroska and dishes such as Sticky Glazed Pork Ribs, Seafood or Vegetarian Pasta, Soft Shell Crab and Gourmet Burgers; this restaurant is redefining Sydney's beach front fine dining. The restaurant, which is located at Maroubra Beach, is the new in-thing.

4. Public Dining Room

I like the sound of that is sort of inviting. The restaurant is located on Balmoral Beach, one of the most exclusive beaches in Australia. Balmoral offers the sweeping views of North Head, Manly and of course, the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant has succeeded in carving its niche as a Scandinavian themed restaurant.

5. Whitewater Restaurant

This restaurant is located on Manly Beach and offers one of the most romantic dining experiences. You will not only get to listen to the sea waves as they rush down the Manly beach but also get a candle lit table by the window upon request. It is one of the Sydneysiders' most popular eatery.

Sydney is on top the hospitality industry. If you are looking for a well-rounded vacation destination where you can enjoy fine meals, sail into the high seas, ride a helicopter and hot air balloon, visit the museum, sample the best delicacies as well as head into the bush, Sydney will be your best bet.


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