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If you're looking for a security with your USB, this is for you!

Swiss it and save with Victorinox Slim


Victorinox has been putting a Swiss Army spin on USB drives for some time now, and it's just rolled into CES with its latest batch: the Slim, Slim Duo and Secure SSD. In addition to being slim, the first two of those are also available in flight-friendly versions sans knife and, as you can probably discern from the name, the Duo actually packs two USB drives for up to 128GB of storage (compared to 64GB for the standard Slim).

The Secure SSD, on the other hand, packs up 256GB of storage, an integrated Bistable LCD/e-Paper display, secure data encryption and, of course, a Swiss Army knife. 

Swiss army knives have long been the lifesavers of boy-scout types, but in the age of technology, everyone could use one. The Victorinox looks exactly like a slender Swiss army knife, but it carries a USB memory stick rather than a blade (which would lead to a full-body pat down at airport security). Whether you're spelunking in the depths of a cave or writing a paper in the depths of the university library, you can use this gadget to back up your work, photographs, and other electronic files. The Victorinox Slim can be invaluable if your laptop is lost or stolen mid-trip. Best of all, this gadget is waterproof, so it won't let accidental spills or rain destroy your vacation memories.

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