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Have you ever wanted to see where your favorite TV shows and movies were made? Then check out the New York TV & Movie Sites Tour in New York City. This unique tour offers visitors a chance to see sites such as: the apartment building from Friends, the Original Soup Man featured on Seinfeld, the brownstone used in I Am Legend and many more.

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Ever imagine visiting the opening scene of Friends at the famous fountain by Central Park? What about dropping by Monica's apartment for a drink? Fancy having lunch at the Original Soup Man that was featured in Seinfeld? The New York TV & Movie Sites Tour will take you to these places and plenty more, as you explore the famous sites in New York City made famous by Hollywood. 

Everyday at 11am the New York TV & Movie Sites Tour bus takes off from Broadway and 51st Street. The 3.5 hour tour will take you on a journey through time as you revisit the famous scenes of your favorite shows and movies around New York City. You will see over 40 locations including Times Square where you can see where the cast of Glee sang I Love New York/New York and the Tiffany and Co. Building where Audrey Hepburn visited in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Other highlights include McGee's Pub the inspiration of MacLaren's Pub in How I Met Your Mother, the Macy's of Miracle on 34th Street, and the New York Public Library where Carries Bradshaw was left at the altar in Sex and the City.

We all wish we could jump into the television and mingle with our favorite characters and the New York TV & Movie Sites Tour takes that wish a little closer to reality.

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