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When your pocket fails you from securing your small gadgets and things close to your body, then our featured travel accessory of the day is greatly recommended.

Secure Your Valuables as You Travel with the SPI Belt

It doesn’t matter what type of travel activity you’re planning to be part of during your trip and you also don’t need to worry if you have any pockets to secure your valuables as you go on with your travel because the SPI Belt allows you to conveniently secure your valuables anywhere you may go.

From keys to phones and travel cash, small things that you know are vital part of your travel need not be misplaced or lost with the help of the SPI Belt. Learn more about this travel accessory in this review written by Matt Fry of
After I started running I completely forget that I was even wearing it. It wasn't until I had finished my run and was halfway home that I even realized I was still wearing it. I was able to fit my iPhone 4s in the small pouch (even with the Otterbox case on it) and my car key. There was still plenty of room to store some more stuff (gels, beans and spare cash) if needed, but I didn't have the need for that stuff… I run with my iPhone 4s in the SPI Belt and attach my headphones to it. There is a small enough spot where the zipper finishes that allows the zipper to close, but the headphone zipper doesn't get in the way. I was worried the headphone wire would cause the zipper not to close and the zipper could possibly come open and my iPhone fall out, but it doesn't.

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