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Are you looking for the best view of Spokane Falls? Witness the views as you ride in an enclosed cabin over the falls on the Spokane Falls SkyRide at River Front Park.

Ride the Spokane Falls SkyRide at River Front Park

If you always enjoy scenic rides and views, you’ll definitely want to experience the Spokane Falls SkyRide at River Front Park. Just over the river, The SkyRide will offer you the best possible view of the famous and spectacular Spokane Falls that it is. With the scenic view you are about to see, be sure to load up your camera for some memorable photos.

Rated as “One of the Top 12 Scenic Cable Rides in the World” in 2013 by Daily Traveler: Conde Nast Traveler and MSN, the Spokane Falls SkyRide is surely a must-see attraction in Spokane.

Situated at River Front Park, The Spokane Falls SkyRide isn’t the only attraction you can visit, you can visit other attractions like the IMAX Theatre, Pavilion Amusement Rides, Ice Palace, Pony Rides, and a whole lot more. After an eventful day, you can also shop at a near store for some souvenirs and grab a meal at a nearby café.

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