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If you like going to a historical temple, this is for you!

Beating the ghost ceremony held at Yonghegong Lama Temple
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A series of beautiful pavilions comprise this Mongolian-Tibetan yellow-sect temple, which features an impressive fifty-four-foot (25m) high Buddha carved from one piece of Tibetan sandalwood.

It is a functionings temple and monastery of the Geluk School of Tibetan Buddhism.  Building work on the Yonghegong Temple started in 1694. The temple is said to have survived the Cultural Revolution due to the intervention of Prime Minister Zhou Enlai. It was reopened to the public in 1981. It is an excellent place to see Bhuddism practiced. 

The Yonghe Temple is located in Beijing's Dongcheng District, near the northeastern corner of the Second Ring Road. Lines 2 and 5 of the Beijing Subway both stop at Yonghegong, as do a number of city buses. 

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