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Do not fear even if you’re not seeing any cellphone signal as you travel.

Let Your Loved Ones Know You’re Safe with the Earthmate PN-60w

It’s somehow expected for your cellphone signal to flicker every once in a while, most especially if you’re into scaling mountains or hopping from one island to another.

And since your safety should be your number one priority, it is highly recommended that you get yourself a communication and a GPS travel gadget – and what better way to have one than to purchase the all-in-one Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator. This $450-must-have uses satellite technology, so it’s guaranteed that you can have a signal wherever on Earth you may find yourself in.

Learn more about this waterproof thingamajig, which also features an aerial imagery, NOAA nautical charts, topographical maps and barometric altimeter readings, in this review provided by Stephen Regenold of

The product, available in May for $549.95, requires two separate devices — the DeLorme PN-60w and a small, second-generation SPOT device — that are sold together. They communicate with each other via a Bluetooth-like wireless protocol called 802.15.4. The result is a full deck of GPS tools on the PN-60w along with the ability to send custom messages and rescue notification on the SPOT satellite network. (Cell phone range is not required.) For outdoors users, the two-in-one gadget gives GPS tracking tools and the ability to send messages and waypoints, including live updates to social-networking sites like Twitter, Facebook,, or SPOT LLC’s The PN-60w device has a graphical color display screen and an internal keyboard for typing out communiqués.

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