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With the history of Costwolds and the amazing variety of stone-built towns that it offers, the rise of a cotemporary accommodation truly sets its innovative move to further improve its tourism.

Bibury, a Village in Costwolds

The hilly region of Costwolds presents a rustic countryside and grand gardens and abodes in England’s south central part, and it truly features a wonderful ancient era when kings and castles still dominate its towns.

At the same time, Costwolds has moved towards more contemporary accommodations with the construction of the Wheatsheaf Inn.

James White of the Daily Mail UK takes you to a tour around this modern coaching inn, which apparently served as one of the firsts in Costwolds (“Step Inn to the Future: Classic Costwolds Meets a Modern Hotel with a Star Following”). While some travelers might want to opt for a more local-style stay in a church conversion, barn or a cottage, others find it much more comfortable to be spending a night in a contemporary accommodation set in the heart of a scenic village.

Below is an excerpt of White’s review to the Wheatsheaf Inn:

-- the stand-out feature of this excellent room is its en-suite bathroom of even bigger proportions, with a huge stand-alone stainless steel bath, perfect for soaking away the last remnants of the strains of living anywhere that isn’t this beautiful part of the country… Behind this dog-friendly hostelry lies a charming landscaped garden, where we indulge in pre-dinner drinks.

Read the rest of his review, and learn more about the other features and amenities at the Wheatsheaf Inn.

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