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Looking for a place for a meeting at the Will Rogers World Airport? Then check out the Meeting Rooms for public use. Choose from three facilities that include The Creek Room, the Osage Room and Conference Room #1 that are suited for different size groups.

Have a Conference at a Will Rogers World Airport Meeting Room

If you need to conduct a meeting at the Will Rogers World Airport, you can do so easily, as they offer several meeting rooms for public use. These rooms can be reserved during regular business hours (8am-5pm), by contacting Airport Administration.

The meeting rooms offered vary in size and accommodation space, and are suitable for small, medium or large conferences up to 100 persons. The Creek Room seats 4-5 persons, and is located in the reception area of the airport’s administrative offices. Their Conference Room #1 seats 25-30 people, and is located on the baggage claim level. This is perfect for mid-sized conferences and meetings. Their Osage Room is their largest meeting room. It seats 100 people and is located on the ticketing level, near the east security checkpoint area.

Bookings are simple, and prices are reasonable. You can see their reservation prices on the airport’s website, and book by calling their administrative offices.


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