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Business Travel Solutions

We might think that hiring or consulting travel agencies would cost more than what we bargained for, but the truth is, with corporate travels, it will actually save you tons of money and gives you a more convenient trips. With Cassis Travel Services, You’ll be able to focus on your business instead of your travelling issues.

Get the most of your corporate travels with Cassis Travel Services

Since 1979, Cassis Travel Services specialized in business and leisure travels, offering its dedicated staff and management for your convenient and low cost travel experience. With everyday involvement with the business, quick and effective decisions are arranged.

With Cassis Travel Services, every dollar is important, in which you’ll be provided a service which would maximize your cost savings. With 16 years of experience travel consultants, possibilities will not go unexplored for their client’s standards and requirements. A responsive Cassis Travel Services will also update you and answer your questions. Also, with a 24/7 operation, utilizing the three different time zones for that best possible deal for you and your company’s travel program. In short, Cassis Travel Services doesn’t want you to spend your time scheduling and budget your travels; instead, it wants you to focus on your business in which everybody wins.

Call us now and let you corporate travels be handled in the safe hands of Cassis Travel Services!