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Wherever your destination is, connecting to the Net is easier with the HTC Flyer tablet.

Get The HTC Flyer Tablet For Your Traveling Needs

Comfortably light and small enough to slip inside your carry-on luggage as you travel, the impressively powerful HTC Flyer tablet boasts of an ultra fast 1.5 GHz processor as well as a 7-inch screen, in which such features are simply perfect for browsing the Internet wherever in the world you may be.

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Now what I love and I believe you already understood by now, the size first, the 7 inches screen is simply what I need, it fits in a jeans pocket, you need only one hand to hold it. Then, the stylus also called the “Scribe Digital Pen” is a MUST tool for anybody who wants to take notes, draw, underline a text or simply have a kid writing or drawing without using 10 paper sheets. The screen resolution, some people will always want more, but why, to have a shorter battery life, no thanks. Here it is 1024 x 600 pixels you can do plenty on it, it is perfect to read, and you see pixels is you have a magnifying glass and are looking for them. Finally the charging port!!! Guest what? Even if HTC send you a specific cable (weird on this one) a classic micro-USB will do the work and plugging it to the computer will recharge it, slowly, very slowly but it will!

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