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Five Favorite Destinations of Canadian Travelers

Millions of Canadians travel annually. Aside from taking overnight trips to the United States which is its neighbor, Canadians have been busy traveling across the globe. Although there has been a decline in trips abroad, mainly because of the decrease of Canadians visiting the United States; trips to other countries have been relatively stable at 889,000 trips according to CBC news. Where to go? Canadians love to travel to the following countries, United States excluded, and not necessarily in order:

  • Cuba. Canadians are lured by its sunny beaches, and all-inclusive packages.
  • France. In 2014, 64% of Canadians view France's influence positively according to BBC World service poll. The country has a sizable French Canadian population.
  • Italy. From fashion, food, culture, landmarks and romantic getaways, the country offers so much for Canadian travelers.
  • China. The country has a sizable Chinese population which has exposed the Canadians to its culture. Going to China provide Canadians an opportunity to learn more about its culture and history
  • Spain.  A rewarding experience awaits Canadians in Spain. Although it is a favored destination for Canadians, you must be aware that the country is one of the world’s destinations with the highest number of stolen Canadian passports according to the government.

Canadians love these countries, and if you have not been to any, you must consult your travel agent for more details, and start planning a trip.