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Business Travel Solutions

Do you want to earn points for every $10 spent on flights and fares? Then check out the Business ExtrAA program from American Airlines. The Business ExtrAA program is a complimentary business travel rewards and incentive program designed to help small and mid-sized companies to reduce their travel costs. Business ExtrAA members earn points for their company's air travel which can be redeemed for flights and other exciting awards.

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Does your company travel a lot grabbing business chances all over the world? Then we have a good news for you, with your business thinking and Business ExtrAA’s, you can reduce your travel costs. Be a Business ExtrAA member and you’ll get to earn points for your company’s air travel and you can exchange or redeem it rather for additional flights and other exciting awards, your pick.

Being a member at Business ExtrAA, you’ll get to earn business points recognized by American Airlines®, American Eagle®, and AmericanConnection®. Earning these points doesn’t necessarily require you to do something, you just go on with the business travels and earn 2 points for every $10 dollar spent on eligible flights and fares. For a better insight on the award points, having 2 flights per month at $450, you’ll get to earn 2,160 points in a year which is more than enough for a free domestic, economy class award ticket. Now that’s a business opportunity you can’t ignore. It’s a simple registration, earning, and redeeming your Business ExtrAA points.

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