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Business Travel Solutions

We all want that great job that sends us jetting around the world, meeting new people, exploring new places ... until we have it.

Does Your Team Hate Business Travel?


The simple truth of the matter is that business travel comes with its fair share of negatives, such as long waits at the airport, time away from family, sweltering in convention halls without air conditioning on a hot day in Montego Bay ... you get the picture. Factor in the requirement for filling out expense forms and writing reports and it's easy to understand why the opportunity to travel doesn't exactly fit the bill as a “dream job”.

While you may not be able to solve all business travel issues, there are steps you can take to try and make the job as pleasurable as possible for your team by simplifying expense and business reports (try using an online tool like Concur). Rotate your team so business trips are less frequent for each person, and offer incentives that make the journey a worthwhile event.


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