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Find one of the best hotels in Miami at the tip of the celebrated Brickell Key Drive.

Chance Upon Authentic Asian Experience in Miami at the Mandarin Oriental

You won’t only feel like you’re vacationing in an exclusive Miami resort at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, you’ll also feel privileged to have experienced the glamour of this part of Florida with its delightful fusion of real Asian style.

Don’t miss this hotel group’s esteemed spa, lavishly multihued guestrooms and suites, as well as famed restos, and consider waking up every day with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Miami Beach or the towering downtown skyscrapers.

Get more details about the Mandarin Oriental Miami Hotel, wherein suites can go as expensive as $6,500, in this review posted on travel-oriented site, called Frommer’s:

The hotel's two restaurants, the high-end Azul and the more casual Café Sambal, are two of Miami's best, as is the 15,000-square-foot spa, the only official five-star spa in the state, in which traditional Thai massages and ayurvedic treatments are the norm. The hotel is also home to a 20,000-foot white-sand beach club complete with beach butlers and beachside cabana treatments, which is nice, considering that the hotel is 15 minutes from the beach. For those who want to venture out, the Mandarin offers the city's only official "nightlife guide" to lead you to the hot spots.

Read the remainder of the review here, and chance upon authentic Asian experience in Miami at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

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