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Business Travel Solutions

Are you considering your team's needs when sending them away on business? You may be surprised to discover that things aren't as wonderful as they seem.

Business Travel Blues: Is Your Team Feeling Lonely?


Business travel has its perks ... and its downfalls. While jetting off to new and exciting places in the world can be fun, it can also take its toll on the people who are taken from their homes and families too often or for extended periods of time.

A happy team is an efficient team, so it's up to you to ensure that your travellers are being met with the best possible resources to make their trip a little less lonely.

  • Keep them busy – idle minds tend to wander. Find activities and events that are enjoyable enough to take one's mind off the fact that they're miles from home.
  • Show them some love – book a massage or give them the authority to order movies and room service. By turning business into pleasure, it will feel a little less like a chore.
  • Send them to fancy restaurants – a little pampering can't hurt, and it gives your team the opportunity to socialize in an environment outside the hotel room.
  • Give them technology – a room with internet service and a program like Skype can bring families together, even when far apart.

There are many ways to help minimize the loneliness factor for your team, but the most important of all is to keep them home as much as possible. If you can, put the team on a rotation, so it isn't always the same people who are upsetting their lives for your company. Talk to your team, and let them be honest with you about how they feel.


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