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Don’t let the lack of radio signal stop you from having a good time while on a roadtrip!

A Bluetooth Car Kit functions as a connection between your vehicle’s radio and your smartphone or media player. Aside from the perks of charging your mobile phone with every connection to the kit, this also allows you to make calls hands-free, create music libraries that you can share, and most especially, stream millions of radio songs directly to your auto’s stereo.

A typical Bluetooth Car Kit costs less than $120. Learn more about the Grooveshark Bluetooth Car Kit by Livio Radio, in particular, in a review written by Antuan Goodwin of the reliable gadget site, Here’s an excerpt of his observations:

The Radio button starts and stops playback of a user-preset Internet radio stations. These stations are genre-specific with categories including '80s, Bluegrass, Dubstep, Jazz, Metal, Oldies, and Reggae. Users can also create their own custom stations by seeding a song title or artist's name (for example, Talib Kweli Radio) which can then be set as the default for the Radio button… The core desktop Grooveshark experience is free, but to get the mobile-streaming feature that is required for the app to work, you'll need to step up to the paid Grooveshark Anywhere level of service. The Kit ships with a code for three months of free access to the service, but after that you'll have to sign up for a $9-per-month or $90-per-year subscription to keep listening on the go.

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