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For birdwatchers traveling to Europe, a river delta in Ukraine and Romania shouldn’t be missed.

Bird-Watching on the Danube Delta
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Billed as the best preserved river delta in Europe, Danube Delta is located on the main migratory courses of various species of birds and therefore, is a great place to find birds nesting and hatching.

You’ll find the suitable condition in the Danube Delta to attract bird species coming from the six chief eco-regions on the planet, from Mongolia to Siberia and the Arctic. This UNESCO World Heritage Site actually offers more than 300 species of birds, and the best time to get a glimpse of these is during the warm months of summer.

Cuckoos, swans, bald coots and wild ducks are just a few of the birds seen by Daily Mail UK Travel contributor David Milne during a visit to this saline-marine ecosystem (“Crowd Cuckoo Land: The Danube Delta is a Paradise for Iconic Birds – and for Naturalists”).

Below is a snippet of his recent article:

Ten of us from the UK travelled in a floating hotel run by Ibis Tours based in the Danube port of Tulcea, a leisurely day's trip east from Bucharest. Tulcea is on the main Sulina shipping channel leading to the Black Sea, and the hotel boat stays mainly in this and other wide channels where there is comparatively little wildlife… So under their expert guidance, we could explore the delta's wildlife without worrying whether we would ever see dry land again… As large flocks of white pelicans glided overhead, we would make our way along narrow channels - often with overhanging willow trees - and find ourselves almost within touching distance of truly astonishing birds such as the rainbow-colored bee-eater (which does what it says on the tin, and eats wasps too!) and the startlingly sky-blue and purple roller - birds you think of as belonging in flamboyant Africa rather than sober Europe.


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