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The airline, set to take off October 10, 2013 will open up Bhutan to new tourism opportunities, and allow you to visit this amazing destination with more ease.

Bhutan Airlines Gets Set to Increase Tourism

The little country of Bhutan, located in the Himalayas, is making steps to increase its number of tourist arrivals by launching its premier airline Bhutan Airlines. The airline company is set to take off on October 10, and the buzz is all about whether they will succeed or fail. Their flights will originate in Bangkok and take you over mountain peaks to Bhutan’s only international airport in Paro. If all goes as planned, the airline will open to more destinations such as Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal, Dubai, Dhaka and Hong Kong.

Bhutan sees this opening up of access to its interior parts as very necessary, as they have a lot to offer which is not widely known. In this country you can embark on a variety of adventurous activities. These include hiking and climbing the Himalayas, among a range of other activities. So check out this destination and airline options, which will include premium and economic cabins, and be sure to check the entry requirements to this country, as they are rather strict.


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